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Depending On Nature

Searching for open space in Mongolia, reporter Elizabeth Arnold encountered car trouble. Here her Mongolian guides worked on the jeep which kept breaking down.Photo by Elizabeth Arnold

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We're all dependent on the land, although some people feel that connection more keenly than others. Those are the people we'll hear from in the next hour. We hear from people planting stones for posterity and gathering peace from emptiness, people who commit to patch of land, invest their energy, and hope for a harvest—but not necessarily in any way you'd expect.

Wild Crafting
Les Hook and Nova Kim weigh a recent catch of mushrooms gathered in the north woods of Vermont. Photo by Emily Botein

Wild Crafting
Vermont ~ For more than 25 years, Nova Kim and Les Hook have made a living by foraging the woods of Northern Vermont. Produced by Emily Botein.

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More photos from story in our Photo Gallery

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Restaurants that currently serve Kim and Hook's wild edibles

  • http://www.bistrosauce.com/site.php
  • http://www.thekitchentablebistro.com/
  • http://www.paulinescafe.com
  • http://www.simonpearce.com/
  • http://telebody.com/michaelsonthehill
  • http://www.elementsfood.com
  • http://www.necidining.com

    Graun em i Laif
    Papua New Guinea ~ After a rootless childhood and a hopscotch youth, Skye Rohde settles down in Papua New Guinea and discovers what it's like to belong to the land.

    Web Exclusives:
    More photos from story in our Photo Gallery

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    Stone by Stone
    Lake District, United Kingdom ~ For twenty years, rain or shine, Andrew Loudon has been building stone walls in the Lake District. Produced by Kim Normanton.

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    Desert Blooms
    Flowers in Charles Bowden’s Tucson garden. He calls his garden a sanctuary. Photo by Jeff Rice

    Elbow Room
    Construction workers in China. Reflecting on her trip to China, reporter Elizabeth Arnold said “the people and the land [looked] exhausted, worn out from being so productive for so long.” Photo by Elizabeth Arnold

    Faith in Fishermen
    Stonington, Maine ~ These things are clear about Maine fishermen: They keep secrets. And they distrust scientists. Unless, of course, you're Ted Ames, who is both fisherman and scientist. Produced by Neenah Ellis.

    Desert Blooms
    Arizona ~ Charles Bowden on the ecstasy of Selenicereus plerantus, which offers its bloom on just one night—the hottest and blackest of the year. Produced by Jeff Rice.

    Web Exclusives:
    More photos from story in our Photo Gallery

    Elbow Room
    Alaska, China and Mongolia ~ How much land does a person need? Elizabeth Arnold, who lives in Alaska, goes in search of even more wide-open space—and ends up with a case of claustrophobia in Outer Mongolia.

    Web Exclusives:
    More photos from story in our Photo Gallery

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