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Journeys Home and Away

Jon Miller at the edge of the Upper Stillwater Reservior in the Uintas Mountains, Utah.
Photo courtesy of Jon Miller

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“Finding Yourself” -- isn’t that the thing that kids do with backpacks in Europe? Not always. In this hour, we send a few brave radio producers out into nature on a mission of discovery. James Spring goes to Mexico in search of old-growth trees—and his youthful idealism. Jon Miller travels a trail he built in his twenties, and ponders what it means to leave his mark. And Sherre Delys discovers how hard it is to leave herself behind when she follows an aboriginal friend into the Australian countryside. Also: when barrio boy Luis Urrea travels to his father’s home state in Mexico, his world becomes—literally—clear to him.

Speaking Through the Land
Australia ~ What does a journalist do when she can’t ask questions? Yingiya Guyulu takes Sherre Delys to his homeland and teaches her a thing or two about the proper time and place for a story. Produced by Sherre Delys.

Biking the Back Roads
Western United States ~ Biking the western back roads past rivers, reservations, and road kill, Barrett Golding finds the time to see how it all connects. Produced by Barrett Golding.

Web Exclusives:

  • Producer Barrett Golding's tips on long distance bicycling
  • More photos from this story in our Web Gallery.

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    Chopping Down, Cropping Up
    Daniella Ramirez (right) talks with a Tarahumara woman in the village of Choreachi, Mexico. Photo by James Spring
    Chopping Down, Cropping Up
    Sierra Madre, Mexico ~ Take a motorcycle trip into a hidden corner of the Mexican economy—the Sierra Madre, where the forests are coming down and the marijuana is cropping up. Produced by James Spring.

    Web Exclusive:
    More photos from this story in our Photo Gallery.

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    Seeing Sinaloa
    Sinaloa, Mexico ~ For fourteen years, Luis Urrea was a clumsy barrio boy. Then, while on a trip to Mexico’s Sinaloa State, he got his first pair of glasses—and discovered a new kind of grace.

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    Jon Miller shows his son Will where he carved his name in a tree some thirty years ago. Jon says he’s never carved another tree since. Photo courtesy of Jon Miller.
    Utah ~ As a young trail builder, Jon Miller decided to “take only pictures, leave only footprints.” Twenty years later, he returns to discover what a big footprint he’s left. Produced by Jon Miller.

    Web Exclusive:
    More photos from this story in our Photo Gallery.

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